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DFW Boys Volleyball

There are some incredibly passionate people in volleyball.  It’s a shame our sport doesn’t get more recognition in the United States to showcase these great individuals.  I had an in depth conversation with Grant Baldwin, Director of DFW High Intensity Boys Volleyball Club in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  It is people like him that will continue to expand the reach of volleyball in the United States and continue to grow our game.

Grant is on a soul seeking journey to grow boys volleyball, and in turn, the DFW Boys Volleyball Club.  He is making all the right calls and spreading his message.  His mantra, “Molding boys into men”.  The more we can continue to spread the message, the more people will understand, accept, and adopt the mission.

Back in the day (about 10 years ago), I lived in the Dallas area.  I played a bit of indoor and outdoor, but there were very few boys (if any) participating in any of these tournaments.  Grant and DFW Boys Volleyball is changing that landscape.  It is our mission, as volleyball participants, to continue to spread Grant’s mission by providing him the resources, knowledge, and recognition that boys volleyball is beginning to thrive in Texas.

Fortunately, Grant is not alone on his mission.  When I was living on tiny Hilton Head Island, SC, I ran across a 14 year old boy that was interested in playing volleyball.  I adopted him by letting him play on our men’s USAV team until he outgrew our little volleyball family and found a more permanent volleyball home with the Southern Storm Boys Volleyball Club out of Atlanta.  Directors, Brian Teague and John Friddle have taken on the “southeast by storm” by allowing boys, like Kyle from Hilton Head Island, to play on their club team.  Kyle would drive 4 hours one way to practice once a week and play in some tournaments each year.  Brian and John have the foresight to be accommodating and flexible with these passionate youths to help grow our sport.  It is our individual mission to adopt a boy or two wherever we may live, help them to grow their game, and find a more permanent volleyball home like DFW Boys Volleyball or Southern Storm Volleyball Club.  The benefits to our sport is priceless and to see a boy like Kyle go on to play in college is priceless.  Spread the word.

The more we can continue to spread the message, the more people will understand, accept, and adopt the mission.


  1. Coach Rey,
    Thank you very much for the kind words. I really believe we are teaching kids life lessons through volleyball. Many of life’s lessons of like teamwork, hard-work, perseverance and sportsmanship are developed through volleyball. Thank you for all that you do with your blog and coaching.
    Grant Baldwin
    DFW High Intensity Boys Volleyball Club

  2. Hey Grant,

    I do so little compared to the impact you are making on the sport. Please let me know what more I can do to help.


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