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NCAA Women’s Volleyball Bracket

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for ESPN’s coverage to the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Selection Show, but I am rather disappointed in the lack of priority volleyball received.  The show was “scheduled” for 3:00pm on ESPN News, but apparently Lebron James’ shoulder bump with his head coach was more important than the over 1,000 players lives that will be immediately impacted over the next few weeks.  Come on ESPN, man or woman up!

It was nice to see Holly McPeak doing the best she could with the 15 minutes of fame allotted for volleyball.  ESPN flashed the brackets up so fast that she couldn’t even keep up with the selections.  There was no excitement and no drama built in.  ESPN, which is owned by Disney, which owns the Wide World of Sports Complex, which hosts the AAU National Volleyball Tournament, which brings in MILLIONS of dollars to Wide World of Sports Complex —-> ESPN —> Disney, should know how to put on a selection production.  This is your best effort Disney!?!?

Enough ranting.  I’m thankful volleyball got coverage.  I’m thankful volleyball got coverage.  I’m thankful volleyball got coverage.  I’m thankful…

Here’s this year’s NCAA Women’s Volleyball Bracket (click here for the ncaa-women’s-volleyball-bracket in pdf or click on the image below):

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