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For volleyball players and coaches across the country, in college or high school, preseason is here.  It is a grueling process that reveals and builds true character, introduces and solidifies fundamentals, develops team systems, and bonds a team.  The effort and commitment in preseason can often set the tone for the season.  Preseason is where champions are born.

For coaches and players alike, it is an exciting and anxious time and I often rely on mentors and words of wisdom to strengthen me:

“The richest experiences in our lives aren’t when we are clamoring for validity from others; but when we’re listening to our own voice – doing something that matters, doing it well, and doing it in the service of a cause larger than ourselves.”

“The path to mastery is not much fun. Mastery often involves working and working and showing little improvement, perhaps with a few moments of flow pulling you along, then making little progress, and then working and working on that new, slightly higher plateau again. It’s a grueling process, to be sure. But that’s not the problem; that’s the solution.”

One of my favorite Chinese Proverbs is, “The Journey is the Reward”.  I look forward to the reward and knowledge I develop this preseason with Winthrop’s new Head Coach, Julie Torbett.  Coaches often coach the way they were coached.  I assume I am going to see quite a bit of Penn State and Russ Rose influences in training and technique this season.

My mind is open, my spirit rekindled.  Winthrop Volleyball, a Championship Tradition.  Let’s go…


  1. SOOOO true, Coach Rey!!
    Good insight…THE JOURNEY.
    I certainly understand this more now as a non-athlete than when I was playing. It’s so true that on this side of athletic experiences, you have more appreciation for THE JOURNEY than you did going through it. Too bad you can’t have a 40 year old mind in a 20 year old body!!


  2. We are going through a great journey now and I know the players will appreciate it in the coming weeks and months. We are proud of their effort!

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