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The Women’s National Volleyball Association – Professional Volleyball in the US

At the AVCA Convention in Tampa, the WNVA was announced.  A professional volleyball league in the United States based around a  reality show.  Ron Deshay, Executive Producer of American Idol is passionate about volleyball and about this opportunity.  His passion gives this league a legitimate shot at working out!

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ — A revolution is on the horizon in the world of team sports as the Women’s National Volleyball Association (WNVA) fills the vast void between the exceptional popularity of volleyball nationally and internationally and the absence of the indoor game as a professional sport in the United States.

The inaugural announcement press conference will take place at 3 p.m. Thursday, December 17 during the American Volleyball Coaches Association Convention at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL.

Ron De Shay, the owner of the WNVA, plans to shine light on American indoor volleyball athletes who are revered overseas but basically ignored here in the U.S.

“Developing the WNVA has been a passion of mine for some time now. This … creates the opportunity for the dreams of so many others to be fulfilled,” said De Shay, who is also the Senior Producer of the country’s No. 1 television show, “American Idol.”

De Shay — who plans to be the first to launch a pro sports league via a reality show — has surrounded himself with a competent team to help make his dream of the WNVA a reality.

Leigh Steinberg and his company Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, is part of that powerful arsenal. Steinberg is widely recognized as the country’s leading sports agent. He has represented over 150 professional athletes in football, baseball, basketball, boxing and Olympic sports. The CEO of the company, David Meltzer, is excited to help level the playing field between the sexes.

“This new association fits perfectly into our core competencies of sports, business, and television. With the unique approach that we are taking, the WNVA will provide the shot in the arm women’s professional sports has desperately needed,” Meltzer said.

On the WNVA website (www.thewnva.com) fans can rally for their city to host a team via video campaigns. And on the reality television show, viewers will watch the athletes compete for a chance to make history as the first to play professional volleyball in America.

Media must RSVP for the Press Conference. For more information please contact Jocelyn R. Coleman, Favor PR, 323-330-0502, jcoleman@favorpr.com

SOURCE Women’s National Volleyball Association; Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment


  1. When will this start and Where will all the teams be located??

  2. I heard the announcement and then never heard anything again. It has been a year later. Are they still doing it or did I miss it.

  3. Hi Dig!

    The original announcement of the league starting up was made just before the economy crashed. I have been on a couple AVCA calls where we have been told to hang tight, that the WNVA is going to happen, but there has been no timeline given. I’d bet on the National Volleyball League coming to fruition before the WNVA: http://www.nationalvolleyballleague.com/ Be interesting to see the development of this beach volleyball program to take the place of the AVP.

  4. Launched the correctly, the economy matters not. Actually you can play on the poor economy to set ticket prices and give the people one hell of a show when they get there. When any athlete watched women’s college or professional volleyball they can not help but be impressed with the gracefullness and athletic prowess of the women.

  5. are there gonna be any open tryouts for teams if so when and where?

  6. Contact your local USA Volleyball Region (go to http://www.usavolleyball.org to look up your region) and they will give you times of tryouts.

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