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USA Premier Volleyball League Championships

Yes, there is a professional indoor volleyball league in the United States. There is no glitz or glamor of the NBA, not even the WNBA, heck not even attention like the Cross Fit Games, but we have to start somewhere. The old business model of dump a ton of money into a league and the fans will come has been proven time and time again to be unsuccessful. The new business model is to build a professional league from the ground up using the current infrastructure of USA Volleyball Regions and support from some formidable clubs across the country.

Bravo to the USA Premier Volleyball League for hosting the first PVL Championship of 12 teams this coming weekend in Salt Lake City, UT being held in conjunction with the US Open Volleyball Championships. You can track the progress on Advanced Event Systems throughout the weekend.

Congratulations to all the players of that have stuck with their teams throughout the season and into this Championship. 100+ years ago, baseball players played the sport because they loved it and never would have imagined the lucrative opportunity to play a game. 100 years from now, that same opportunity will be available to volleyball players in the United States.

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