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USA vs South Korea London Olympics

This was my live match rundown on facebook of the USA vs South Korea match:

Match assessment:

S. Korea had a great gameplan. Hats off to them. High hands on swings and their passing kept them in the match. Their third set was likely their best ever as their other sets showed they can be error prone.

USA is just too physical. Our block, although showing some weaknesses at the pins, is so big it allows for some great defense (sound like Penn State perhaps?).

The double sub worked to perfection. 6’7″ Park was too big and Thompson got the jitters out and ran her middles well. Just a slight change in rhythm.

Jordan Larson will be USA’s unsung hero. She will have better #s all around than Logan Tom. Tom is really an L2 now holding the team steady w her Vball IQ.

Foluke played better than the World Grand Prix. Good to see her step up.

I think Hodge needs to get in some for offense for Tom. We are relying on Hooker out of the back row a bit.

Harmotto was not the blocking monster yet as she was in the Grand Prix. I think she will get better as the Olympics goes on.

Berg is my favorite, maybe I’m bias, but Hooker will be Olympic MVP.


Set 3:

Korea’s passing is allowing their pin hitters to look like rock stars and give them the confidence they needed to win set 3. Our block is frustrated.

This has allowed their defense to dig a lot and frustrate our ladies.

Watch for Hooker to be relied on in set 4 and maybe a sub w Hodge for Tom to get some offense in rotation 4? Or the double sub earlier for a bigger block?

Gotta pass and serve ladies.

Set 2:

Korea is a formidable first opponent. They look to be winning the serve / pass battle. Allowing Korea to show some USA blocking weaknesses with the combination plays. We’ll see if a team like Brazil sees this and uses it against us.

Very impressed w Larson out of system.

Not impressed w Nicole Davis on serve receive. I’d serve her a lot.

We still haven’t played close to our best.

Set 1:

Berg has the team under control and is connecting well w Foluke.

USA block is huge, as expected.

Nice to see Logan Tom swinging harder than I’ve seen her in awhile.

Some jitters from our new kids. Courtney Thompson doesn’t quite feel comfy yet and is not connecting. Although Hooker is still a stud 😉

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  1. The team was sooo impressive the first set. I really thought they had it won, the next two sets were not what I expected. I was hoping they could have won the Gold, but…… a silver medal is good too!

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