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USA Women Highlights at the World Grand Prix

I’m really enjoying watching the USA Women’s Team play this year. Great chemistry and smart, physical, consistent play. They are ranked #1 in the world. Following are some highlight clips and things to take note of:

Blocking – watch the discipline posture. Loaded and square to the net. Very efficient movement. Great hand position (including middles when they are late to get the pins). Great reading and closing to the outside blocker (hip-to-hip).

Defense – at times, there are 3 ex-Penn State players on the floor. Can you say defensive prowess?

Smart hitting – the outsides are taking aggressive swings on out of system balls, looking for high hands OR making smart shots, keeping the ball in play to trust their block and defense.

Setting – Lindsey Berg at 5’9” she is one of the top setters in the world. She is captain and leads the court.

Serving, passing, and digging – Statistically, the USA team is in the top three in all three categories.

USA vs Serbia (this is USA’s 2nd string line-up!)

USA vs Brazil (this is USA’s 1st string line-up – although I think some of the 2nd stringers may earn a spot on the Olympic squad)
This was a huge match for USA and Brazil

USA vs Germany

USA vs Italy

USA vs Domincan Republic

USA vs Chinese Tai Pei

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