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Watch Lindsey Berg and Megan Hodge Play in the Italian Volleyball League

Ever wonder how Megan Hodge would fair playing international volleyball?  Now’s your chance to watch her play with one of USA Volleyball’s great setters, Lindsey Berg.

Megan had a stint with the USA Women’s National Team in the World Grand Prix where she earned limited playing time.  Jordan Larson (University of Nebraska) and high flying Destinee Hooker (University of Texas) played in front of her on that team.  In fact, Destinee was one of the top point scores for the tournament.

Lindsey and Megan are currently playing in the Italian Volleyball League with a team called MC-Carnaghi Villa Cortese.   Live and recorded match video are available here:


To find matches:

  • Go to the center of the CEV Laola1.TV page
  • Click on POOL D under the Women
  • Click on MC-Carnaghi VILLA CORTESE
  • Click FULL MATCH on the match you want to view

Lindsay and Megan do not play in all the matches.  This match has them both playing:


SporTube.tv is another website that shows Italian League matches.  I have not explored this website as much, but live matches are under SporTube 2 on the homepage.  You will have to download software (available free on the website) to watch the video.  I am not sure if there is recorded matches on this website.

I know many other of our top Americans are playing overseas, but I do not know what teams they are on nor do I know how to watch them online.  I happened to come across Lindsey and Megan playing and have enjoyed watching the international level of competition.  And it is quite fun watching the Italian coach speak Italian to Megan Hodge and Megan just nod her head at him like she understands 😉

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