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Points Earned and Errors Match Sheet

Following is another resource for pencil wielding bench statisticians (like me).  A chart I concocted to track a team’s points earned and errors.  It paints a picture of a team’s strengths and weaknesses, BUT I encourage coaches not to make snap judgments from a single match.  This is best analyzed post tournament.

Match Point Chart

This chart is used to track each point of a match, by our team and the opponent.  I keep track of how the point terminated and the player responsible for the earned point or error.  At the completion of each set, I tally up the earned points and errors at the bottom.








Match Point Chart <– click to download

Post match, I complete the following Points Earned and Errors chart.  I will create multiple sheets within this Excel workbook to formulate the results from all matches of an entire tournament.





Points Earned and Errors <– click to download


  1. Thanks for the great post! I liked the report so much, I added it to StatEasy. Although you posted this as a great tool for pencil and paper statisticians, I think it makes a great addition to the toolbox of coaches who are a step up from paper and pencil:


    IPE is next up on my radar. 🙂 Thanks for the fantastic blog!

  2. I am a little unclear as to how to use the sheet.
    I see the 3 boxes on each line. How do you mark them?
    “Player Number” “outcome (+ or -)” “Event (k, p, s)
    Is that right? Then totals at the bottom?

  3. Under the “WE” and “THEY” column I mark how the point was scored. K for Kill, H/E for hitting error, S/E for service error, etc. The slightly shaded box adjacent to these columns I mark the player number to indicate the player that earned the point or caused the error. The outer most columns I use for notations, such as the type of set (5 for an outside set or 1 for a middle set, etc.). Hope this helps.

  4. Is “C” Communication errors?

  5. Yes…I use C as Communication errors.

  6. Thank you. One more question, do you have anything that explains what a normal/average/good percentage is. In other words, now that you have this data what’s the best way to interpret it. I understand it but, just wondering if you have anything simple for my players to understand? BTW, I LOVE this site and the Drill pages are awesome. It’s always nice to get new, good drills!

  7. what does bhe stand for?

  8. Ball Handling Error – such as a setter double.

  9. A couple questions because I think this sheet could help my program,
    1) What if the other team makes an error? How do you mark that point if a player on your team doesn’t get a Kill, Ace, Block, or make an error of some sort?

    2) In the outer most column, do you only write something in there if the play ended with an attack? You stated in a previous comment that you put the set call in that box such as 5 or 1. What do you put in there if a player gets a block or an ace?

  10. Coach J,

    I’m encouraged that you are using my stat sheet and I believe it will pay dividends to learning your teams strengths and weaknesses. Following are my answers to your questions:

    1. All your team’s positive (earned) points will be on the WE column and all negative (given) points will be on the THEY Column.Errors are recorded in the exact same way as you are recording for kills. So if player (#1) makes a Hitting Error, you will recorded on the THEY side 4 , 1, H/E. It is on the THEY side because it is recorded as a point for the other team.

    2. You leave the outer-most column blank.

    Hope this helps Coach J. Let me know what more I can do to assist. Good luck with your team!

  11. I appreciate you posting this spreadsheet. I am trying to learn how to use this resource so I can teach my managers to keep stats for me. Just so I can better understand how to use this during a match . . . do you mark something every point? For example, let’s say we start with a serve ace by #2. I would mark A , 2 under we. Then we have a passing error by #10. I would mark P/E, 10 under they. Now here’s where I’m confused. Let’s say they have a serving error to give us a 2-1 lead using rally scoring. Do I mark this as S/E on the we side? I guess my question is do you use this resource to record your stats along with your opponent’s stats? Thank you.

  12. Hi Coach,

    I mark all points we earned in the WE column along with the corresponding player number that earned the point for the team. Your example of A 2 is right on.

    I mark all points we give to the opponent in the THEY column along with the corresponding player that gave the point for the other team.

    I mark all points the opponent gives to us in the WE column with no corresponding player number.

    I mark all points the opponent earns in the THEY column with no corresponding player number.

    Hope this helps…Chuck

  13. Would you mind adding a completed termination sheet so we can see an example?


  14. Gehrig Stone-Awong

    Coach Chuck,

    Wow this has been a very old posting, but like you last poster Kelly. Could you post or send me a example of a completed sheet for a sample?

  15. How do you differentiate between it being a Hitting Error or a Block. Or is it always a block and a hitting error would just be anything out of bounds or in the net?

  16. Can you send me a excel sheet with this stat sheet? You have provided other resources with great links, but this is the one I REALLY need so I can show my team how many errors they are giving away. I would really appreciate it. When I click on the image it just shows a picture.

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