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Posted on 07 January 2013 by Chuck Rey

“Great statistics are the best substitute for judgment.” This is a sticker Al Scates has affixed to the side of his briefcase.

Coach Rey volleyball stats Proactive & Reactive Volleyball Statistics volleyball

Former Davidson College Head Volleyball Coach, Tim Cowie, is now a distinguished sports photographer. He was our catwalk at the Winthrop Coliseum and snapped this photo of my clipboard. He must have been curious the statistics I was keeping during the match. You can find that exact offensive statistic chart in the presentation/PDF below.

Last season, while out recruiting, I was standing court-side with Shelton Collier and we talked a bit about statistics. He brought to my attention the purpose of bench statistics to help win the next point or next set, versus statistics kept as a summary of what happened in a match. Quite a valid point! I’ve since altered my use of statistics during a match to help my team win, but I must admit, I do take some statistics during a match that provide an overview of a set.

Great coaches are proactive; those that provide information to a player prior to something happening. Most coaches are reactive; informing players after something happens (duh!). It is more challenging to be proactive, but also more rewarding. I continue to learn how to develop my skills as a proactive coach.

Following is from my recent USAV Palmetto Region Coaching Clinic in Charleston, SC, January 2013. All of these charts I have used in one capacity or another throughout my coaching career and some I still use today.

Here is a PDF of the presentation: Proactive & Reactive Statistics

I hope they help you in some way!

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