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Volleyball Setter Rating Chart

Setters are often considered the most important position player on the court. The position requires as much mental tenacity as technical precision. But I don’t think setters are graded as equally, or as often, as other positions. Passers are continually rated on a 3 point scale and hitters by hitting percentage. There is no quality stat line on the box score other than assists, that provides consistent feedback of setter performance.

As mentioned before in Perfect 10 Stats, I use a 3 point setter rating scale, that over the years, has been good measure for setters and easily understood by the team. The rating scales is as follows:

  • 3 points – a setter receives for a perfect set. A perfect set allows 3 hitting options (line, angle, roll/tip)
  • 2 points – a set that only allows 2 hitting options. For example, an inside set typically only allows the hitter angle or roll/tip
  • 1 point – a set that only allows 1 hitting option. Typically, this would be a tight set that only allows the hitter to tip over the block
  • 0 point – a setting error (such as a double contact)

I’ve provided the Setter Rating Chart used during matches to download: Setter Rating Chart (excel) or Setter Rating Chart (pdf):

Following is the results of this Setter Rating Chart from 2 sets of a recruit match I charted:


I share this to learn what others are using for setter rating and/or if this scale is used, the set rating of your setters.

The AVCA did find a nice article by Coach Stephanie Schleuder on setter rating: https://www.avca.org/res/resources/documents/PT-Statistics-for-Setters.pdf


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