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How to Become a College Volleyball Coach Question

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How to Become a College Volleyball Coach Question

Posted on 17 April 2009 by Chuck Rey

I was looking at your resume and trying to figure out how you made the jump to college coaching. I would love to coach at that level, but am not sure when and how is the best way. Obviously the competition is steep. Continue Reading

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The Mental Game

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The Mental Game

Posted on 26 March 2009 by Chuck Rey

volleyball brain The Mental Game volleyballThe mental game. Do we coach it enough? Do coaches know how to coach it? In club, it is sprinkled throughout practices. When I coached at Georgia Southern, the team had the benefit of working with a sports psychologist. He provided some great team insight and exercises, but he wasn’t utilized enough. I think many collegiate programs incorporate a sports psychologist with their programs because its what everyone else is doing, to “keep up with the Jones’s”. Mick Haley uses a team psychologist, Mike Voight, throughout the season with, I believe, great benefit. At the University of Minnesota, Dr. Mike Hebert handles the team psychology lessons. He prepares his “Championship Manual” during the Continue Reading

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Volleyball Nutrition

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Volleyball Nutrition

Posted on 20 March 2009 by Chuck Rey

chuck norris total gym Volleyball Nutrition volleyballIf Chuck Norris can have the Total Gym, an AVP star should at least get an ab machine!?!? Maybe I am biased, but beach volleyball players are the best conditioned athletes in the world. Try walking around in sand all day and tell me how you feel, nevermind running and jumping in it. I’m surprised an AVP star hasn’t hooked up with a workout video company or new ab machine.

My father was diagnosed with adult onset diabetes (Type II) when he was in his 40s. I believe his father also had Type II Diabetes, but during his generation it wasn’t understood or diagnosed as often. Because of my father’s diagnoses, it forced me to think about my eating habits, which is why I try to live a healthy lifestyle. I hope through my example, I influence the players I coach. Continue Reading

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The Challenge of Coaching at Small Clubs – Practice and Tournaments

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The Challenge of Coaching at Small Clubs – Practice and Tournaments

Posted on 13 March 2009 by Chuck Rey

I received an email from a coach asking for feedback about players that miss practices and tournaments when part of a small club. In theory, the principle of missing practice and tournaments at a small or large club should be the same, but there are some unique instances that always spring-up. Following is my reply. Your feedback on this subject is appreciated too. Continue Reading

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Coach Chuck Rey is Assistant Coach at Miami University

Prior to this position, he was Assistant Coach at Winthrop University, the University of Minnesota and Georgia Southern University.

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