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Volleyball Statistical Software

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Volleyball Statistical Software

Posted on 19 February 2010 by Chuck Rey

I had a funny experience at the Monument City Classic Tournament. My Carolina Juniors 16s Team played the early match on Sunday morning. Our team arrived first at the court, chose the bench, and I sat down to sip my tea. On the adjacent court, a father turned around and stared at me awkwardly.  He exclaimed, “You’re Coach Rey!”. I said, “Last I checked.” I was taken aback. He went on, “I couldn’t sleep last night. Our team was playing well yesterday, but we just couldn’t buy a win. I thought, maybe some statistical information would help. So, I started looking up volleyball statistical software online in the middle of the night and came across your blog. And POOF, now you’re here!”. He said it was a bit surreal icon smile Volleyball Statistical Software volleyball Continue Reading

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Coach Chuck Rey is Assistant Coach at Miami University

Prior to this position, he was Assistant Coach at Winthrop University, the University of Minnesota and Georgia Southern University.

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