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Amelia’s Chicago


Another reason I love Chicago. Local, organic restaurants abound. I’m so proud to call Chicago my hometown (except for the dreaded winters).

We had a recruit in Oxford today and it got me on the road to Chicago a little later than anticipated. I decided to stay out near the airport to save the budget (I didn’t stay with family as they retired to the south and we can only bother friends to stay with them so many times) and looked up new local and organic restaurants in the area. I found on Yelp a place about 20 minutes away. I typically wouldn’t rave about a restaurant, especially on my volleyball blog, but it’s Chicago and this place to eat was perfect.

When on the road, it’s easy to eat poorly. I’ll be in a convention center all day tomorrow (although looking forward to this tournament in Navy Pier) and that usually means overpriced trash food. So I make an extra effort to seek out healthy restaurant options when I have the opportunity.

Ameila’s is in Forest Park, IL. A typical mom and pop Chicagoland restaurant about 20 minutes from the airport just off the interstate. It’s not in the best part of town, but not a terrible part of town either. They had grass fed beef on the menu (my once a week red meat fix) with a sour cream smashed potato and glazed carrots. I asked to substitute some rice and asparagus and was pleasantly surprised to find it was a brown rice and the asparagus perfectly cooked. The steak too was perfectly cooked and delicious. All this for $18.00. This meal could have easily cost double at other restaurants.

Maybe a bit heavy for a late night meal, but well worth it. I’m sure it’s good fuel for the pre-tournament morning workout.

P.S. Chicago friends – I’m here to work, not play on this quick trip to Chicago.

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