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Each Woman Weighs 150 Lbs

I have always believed and tried to instill in all my players (men and women) that weight is just a number. Body fat is a muchbetter indicator of overall fitness. Muscle weigh more than fat. Those in shape look better and weigh more.

All women weight 150

It’s a busy day here at Miami University today. See more about body image here:

Healthy Body Image – USA Olympic

Body Image of Female Athletes:


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  1. Hi Thanks Soooo Much

    Thanks so much i feel fine in my body but when i get in the scale it kills me thinking am i that fat!! Im 5’11 i curently weigh 180, i feel good! Its my tummy area that will love to tone but havin a hard time! Goin to do weights to get more muscle. I went to mexico and weight my self and the machine said i was considerd Obese:( that night evrybody ate a normal dinner and my mother in law just servedd me a salad sayin its Not good to be obese! I notice that all the women in that town are thin like thin thin and short too! But my mom told me they dont own a car and all they do is walk miles there use to that life style ur not! Plus Ur Not obese ur Tall 5’10 size 9/10 if u get skinier ur goin to look sick wich i have pics to prove! Showed those pics to mother inlaw and said wow thats how u should look:( But looking at the pic U got on ur scale Ur so Right its just a number And what matters is that I Love my self im healthy feel good! Thanks Soo much sorry for my long speach and bad spelling its nice that theres people that Care Ur an Angel and made my day;) xoxoxo

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