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Volleyball Nutrition Guide from the US Olympic Committee

USOC-nutritionI’ve searched far and wide for good nutrition information for athletes. During my coaching days of club volleyball, I compiled information and created a volleyball nutrition guide (as reader friendly as possible for 16 year olds). To my surprise when I reached the collegiate ranks, coaches are often left to fend for themselves for good nutrition information for their teams. I used much of the information I gathered from the club days (as fundamental nutrition somewhat stays the same), modified it, and have learned learned pictures speak a thousand words. So my nutrition guides have more pictures and less words now šŸ™‚

Recently, I came across the USOC Nutrition pageĀ Resources and Fact Sheets that is a series of PDFs on specific nutrition information. It contains a good balance of pictures, charts, and words! I downloaded all the PDFs and combine them into one document. I have made it available for you here:Ā USOC Nutrition Guide

There is also a great series of youtube videos with host Summer Sanders that includes the Senior USOC Sports Dietitian, Nanna Meyer among others:

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