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Smoke a French Fry

Do you let your kids smoke?  Then why do you let them eat french fries?

Maybe I’m somewhat of a food nazi, but I believe proper nutrition is essential to the development of volleyball players.  Equally as important is eating right during long tournament weekends.  Unfortunately, food choices at convention centers are usually terrible and even “healthy” fast foods (subs, burritos, etc.) are often laced with unhealthy carbs and loaded with sodium.  And we wonder why so many kids who play volleyball year round still have bellies protruding from their jersey?!?!

The worst is when  I see a family sitting in a convention concourse downing McDonald’s, Burger King, or Wendy’s between matches, especially those dreaded french fries.  French fries are one of the worst foods to eat, loaded with terrible trans-fats, causing LDL Cholesterol levels to skyrocket!  Then add in the ridiculous smothering of salt on the fries which is linked to high blood pressure and heart attacks – never-mind the cause of dehydration during play.   Oh my, why?  How can American’s be this uneducated, or just plain stupid, in 2010?

Smoking finally seems to be uncool.  It’s finally been banned from airplanes (remember those days?), stores, and restaurants.  People that smoke are frowned upon, but its taken how many years for society to take on this perception?

One cigarette won’t kill you.  One french fry won’t kill you either.  Smoking, over time, causes heart disease, cancer, among other diseases.  Coincidentally, fried foods, FRENCH FRIES, eaten over time, causes heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.  So if you don’t let your kids smoke, why do you let them eat french fries?


  1. Cigarettes are addictive. French fries aren’t. If you could have cigarettes twice a month (about as often as you should have french fries), it would have no real effect on health.

    I get your overall point, but equating french fries with cigarettes is bogus.

  2. Our family calls them the “devils fingers” as they are gateway food, ha ha. Everything in moderation…French fries, cigarettes et al excepted. Hope you are well! Rick

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