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The Effects of Spin on a Volleyball


Often times when coaches teach passing or digging we are consumed by specific technique and how the body moves in relationship to the ball. Granted discipline motor movements are necessary to create a particular outcome, but I don’t think we recognize – or teach to recognize – the specific effects created by minute movements.

Spin for example. How does moving a passing platform behind the ball or generating body momentum under a dug ball create and effect spin on the ball. More simply, what does spin do to the ball and how can recognition of the outcome help to teach the process?

This video is a great example of the effects of spin on a ball (the Magnus Effect). It will help passers and defenders alike to understand spin, and in turn, recognize it’s importance to keep the ball from going over the net. Those that know why are better than those that know how 😉

Add the recognition of spin to your teaching and see the results.


The Magnus Effect

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