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Boys High School Volleyball in South Carolina?!?!

When I first moved to the beautiful beaches of South Carolina in the early 2000’s, I tell the story about purchasing a volleyball at a local sporting good store. I asked a clerk where the volleyball’s were located, and the conversation went a little like this:

Boys high school volleyball has grown at the second-fastest rate of any sport in the country since 2012.

Me – “Where can I find the volleyballs in your store?”

Clerk – “Is the volleyball for your sister?”

Me – “No, it’s for me.”

Clerk – “Guys don’t play volleyball…”

This was my first introduction to volleyball in South Carolina. Fast-forward, fifteen years later, Boys Volleyball in High School will be started in South Carolina! How far we’ve come!

USA Volleyball’s Palmetto Region announcement:

After months of planning and organizing with help from the Palmetto Region, there are over 40 schools who have shown interest in starting a pilot boys program for this year! The goal is to start practice mid-February with matches starting early March and only a 4-5 week season this year.

Parents/Coaches/Clubs: There is still time to get your local school involved! Notify the current girls volleyball coach and if they have interest, there will be a conference call for coaches (only) this Sunday, Jan 27th to provide information.

This is exciting to see South Carolina join 18 other states who have boys volleyball!

My first thought on hearing of USAV Palmetto Region’s plans to start boys high school volleyball turned to a young boy named Kyle Szen. I met the 14 year old 6’3″ Kyle Szen in a local recreation gym playing pick-up volleyball. Soon my men’s team adopted him and he played with us. He also managed the girls’ high school team and local club (Low Country Volleyball Club) where he would jump into as many drills as possible. He eventually traveled the four hours each way to Atlanta to practice with a boys team, Southern Storm, led by Brian Teague and John Friddle (The Crazy Road to Success). Then went on to play libero (at 6’5″) for a very good program at Baldwin-Wallace College.

Chuck and Kyle (15 years old) coaching the 18’s team at Low Country Volleyball Club – 2005

Its awesome so many boys will now get opportunities far beyond what Kyle experienced in South Carolina as our sport continues to grow

South Carolina has gone from a sleepy little volleyball state to one of the best in the country. South Carolina junior club programs have won National Championships, junior club players (boys and girls) are being recruiting by the top colleges in the country, and USA Volleyball will host their High Performance A2 Camp here in Rock Hill, SC this July 2019. Oh and that camp will host girls and boys!

In 2015 the USAV Palmetto Region held their first boys junior volleyball club tournament.

Men’s volleyball is one of the fastest growing NCAA sports in the country with over 300 teams and 20 teams within a 4 hour drive of South Carolina.

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