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I’m In! USA Volleyball Partners with Juice Plus+

My wife has been taking Juice Plus+ for over 5 years. She started just as she became pregnant with our twins. I have always been skeptical of any sort of pills, but when the twins were born, the doctor said he about had to use some wire cutters to cut through her umbilical cords. “What’s she on?” All she was taking was Juice Plus+.

Fast forward 3 years later and USA Volleyball partners with Juice Plus+. When the two passions in my life, family and volleyball collided by Juice Plus+, I knew it was time. If USA Volleyball athletes are taking it, it’s good enough for me 🙂

I’ve been taking the pills for about a month now and I do have a bit more energy. Even as we get into preseason, I do notice I have a little more giddy-up. I haven’t changed much else in my life, no diet changes, no exercise changes, sleep changes, etc. It’s attributed to Juice Plus+.

I’ve always taken her Juice Plus+ shakes, so I know that’s not it either. I have always needed an additional food supplement to keep on the pounds. It’s my weird genetics.

As much as I’d like to always eat my servings of fruits and vegetables, I know I don’t always get them in. Juice Plus+ is a little added security to assist in my longevity.

You can read more about it here: https://www.juiceplus.com/us/en/jpcommunity.read.html/en/2019/5/fueling-what_s-possible-intro-to-usav–juice-plus–.html

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