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The 3 Ultimate Compliments a Coach Can Receive

The three ultimate compliments a coach can receive are:

  1. When a former student-athlete that played under you, wants her daughter to play for you. (I’m not quite old enough for this one yet, but know a few coaches that have had this happen to them. I just won’t mention who they are because they are still in disbelief this is happening to them :))
  2. When a former student-athlete writes you after their playing career has finished, and they realize and appreciate the positive impact you made on their life. The best ones are when they are candid about what knuckleheads they were in school and how much grief they caused you, but any note will do 🙂
  3. Today, I received a letter from a prospective student-athlete who’s parent is a volleyball college coach in whom I hold in the highest regard. The letter says to me:
    • You are doing things the right way
    • You have created a positive learning environment that I want my daughter to grow
    • I trust you with my daughter

Every parent of a student-athlete that we get to coach believes the above with the place they choose to send their child to school. I take their decision to play under me with great pride and responsibility. When a highly esteemed colleague in this crazy profession says this in so many unspoken words, it is reinforcing. It makes your day.

I am grateful each day I get to positively influence lives.

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    I’m looking become a Collegiate Volleyball Coach and would like any and all advice to achieve this goal.

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