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What is your Talent?

Just read a great Q&A by Terry Pettit with John Dunning. Terry’s question, “What is your talent?” is such a simple question, but can have a profound impact on each of our lives. The follow-up to the question is, “What can you do at an extraordinary level regardless of your occupation?”. John’s reply is on point,

I love to teach wheter it’s skills, strategy, or things that transfer to real life. I like having a plan and following through on the plan. I learned discipline from my high school coach Phil Kelly. He taught me to develop a plan on what I wanted to accomplish and do it as well as I could.

So much is written on talent, such as The Talent Code by Dan Coyle whereas John Wooden believes, “Talent is God given, be humble.”

What do you do on an extraordinary level that you apply to each of those in your life?


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