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The Superbowl No Longer Matters

Move over football, baseball, basketball and hockey – it’s volleyball’s time.

If it weren’t for one of my feeds displaying the teams in the Superbowl this weekend, I wouldn’t have had a clue who was playing. I really have little interest in football anymore. This coming from a fan that could name all the players of the great Pittsburgh Steelers teams of late ’70s and the ’85 Superbowl Shuffle Bears. Seems as if I’m not the only one: NBC Sports NFL Attendance Hits a 15-Year Low.

I did watch the Clemson – LSU National Championship Football Game as I have hope for college football. But yet another game ‘decided’ by an ejection (Clemson vs. Ohio State too) from an ‘illegal hit’. Football is all concussion now, I get it (well really I don’t. My players get hit in the head with a ball once and are out for 6 weeks. These guys get hit in the head every play and wobble back to the line). But football isn’t really smash-mouth football anymore. Might as well be flag football now.

College football attendance is way down too (Sports Illustrated: Why Is College Football Attendance Tanking?). We’ll also see where this Name, Image and Likeness goes with college athlete demands…as well as see how so many other college sports will suffer because of the few athletes that can earn money. People forget about Title IX and equality. Money that goes to an individual is now diverted from a slew of other sports.

I can’t say I’m much of a baseball fan either. I’m a beloved Cubs fan, but I’m not paying the MLB Network $150 so another baseball player can sign an almost half a BILLION dollar contract. Seriously?!?! No thanks.

I tried to become an NHL fan. I am impressed with the action and pace of hockey. I paid my $100+ for my subscription to NHL Network to find many games I wanted to watch, blacked-out? What am I paying for?

Forget the NBA. I’ve become a disgruntled fan because of the way the game and players have gone. I won’t even go there. Their attendance isn’t much better: Sports Illustrated NBA Finals is Not Sold Out.

The issue to me is the lack of accessibility to view the games I want to watch. Yes, there are more sports on tv, more channels, more ways to access sports, but rarely a game I want to watch. I can no longer flip on the tv to watch a Cubs game. Why are the Cubs so popular (although losing their popularity)? Because of WGN, the ‘Superstation’. Way back in the day when there were 7 channels, WGN was one of the few stations that broadcast across the country. Cubs games were on in the afternoons, for FREE, nothing else to watch, and the Cubs became America’s team…win or mostly lose.

Unfortunately, volleyball is no different (except the salaries are a bit less). It’s great that volleyball is so much more accessible to watch, but it’s still hard to find. I’m a coach and still can’t keep up with the USA National Team schedule or haven’t a clue where I can watch some of our top athletes play internationally.

I appreciate FloSports.tv and their FloVolleyball.tv for making more matches accessible. Along with NBC and their “Olympic” Channel (come on, can’t volleyball be separated from the Olympic Channel yet?!?!). But again, it’s not easy to keep up with when and where teams are playing and again, there is a cost to watching.

Volleyball needs a WGN. A volleyball Superstation. One station, all volleyball, for free. Can someone put together a website that clearly lists all the matches, times, and links to view?

Did I mention volleyball attendance and viewership is on the rise? Unlike all those other sports…

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