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Lebron James and Cutting Sugar

For an athlete, besides the negative heart and blood conditions that can arise from excess sugar intake, sugar causes inflammation. Increase inflammation increases recovery time. As Lebron states, he occasionally eats sugar during season, but cuts it out during the ...

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Whole Foods

Yes, on the return trip, we found a REAL Whole Foods 🙂                         Read more about Eating Healthy on Road Trips    

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Eating Healthy on Road Trips

Eating healthy makes the body feel good 🙂 and it can be a chore to eat healthy on the road. Lori and I are willing to take a little extra time on road trips, and go out of our way, ...

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Volleyball Nutrition

If Chuck Norris can have the Total Gym, an AVP star should at least get an ab machine!?!? Maybe I am biased, but beach volleyball players are the best conditioned athletes in the world.

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