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Who is Karch Kiraly?!?!

8-11-13 Karch Kiraly in HuddleAfter a great sand workout with my Miami Volleyball Team this morning, it quickly turned into a solemn day when one of the players asked, “Who is Karch Kiraly?”. We quickly learned that 5 of our 10 players did not know who Karch Kiraly is? I/We are obviously not doing a good job educating our kids on the history of the game or even offering recognition to our current players and team. Karch is still in the USA Volleyball news at least weekly with the USA Women’s National Team.

I need to do a better job…


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  1. Your post caused me to read up on Karch (on Wikipedia). Did you know Karch babysat for Misty May-Treanor when she was little?

    I know very little about women’s volleyball, but my friend’s daughter, 10, just tried out for the fifth grade school team and was told she wasn’t going to make the cut; don’t bother coming back. The child is a pretty good soccer player and overall very fit and coordinated. She has little background in volleyball but wanted to get involved. Now she’s crushed.

    I decided to do some research to find out what kind of girls they ARE looking for and found your blog. It seems like you’ve got a great career going on and I love your comments about women’s health and weight!


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