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50 Team Management Tools John Wooden Wished He’d Had

Alex Chappell, of GoTickets.com and a fellow reader of my blog, brought to my attention a helpful webpage of Team Management Tools.  I really think some of these applications and software will help in managing both my Division I team at Winthrop University and my juniors team at Carolina Juniors Volleyball.  Alex’s been friendly enough to let me share the list his team put together:

50 Team Management Tools John Wooden Wished He’d Had

  1. Google Apps Team Edition – Though this is an application more for office work, the easy-to-use Google interface and familiar tools make it a no brainer when it comes to distributing emails, calendars, and more. Free trial for 30 days, but not too expensive after that.
  2. Scrumy – Here’s a free application perfect for managing upcoming events for your team roster. Scrumy is easy and even fun to use. The interface is pared down to the bare bones, which makes it a real no frills deal, but good for what it does.
  3. Sportsvite – This web-based application is the perfect tool for managing local teams and getting all your teammates in a row without having to do a lot of set-up. It is made for this, actually. What makes it even easier is the fact that you can connect with Facebook, allowing you to log in without having to go through the clunky sign-up process. Create events and even find teammates in your area.
  4. Tom’s Planner – This planner is a bare bones, but powerful piece of online software. The interface is about as flexible and intuitive as this sort of thing gets, with right click and drag-n-drop functions, it couldn’t get much simpler. You can even give it a test drive without even having to sign up to see if it is for you.
  5. TeamSnap – This is the definitive tool for anyone looking to be able to organize their team using online tools. TeamSnap offers specific templates no matter what your sport, and lets you manage everything from contact information to team payment tracking. The other tools on this list are useful, but TeamSnap has a little bit of everything. You might be in the market for something less expensive, however.
  6. HiTask – Send invites, reminders and other organization needs with a simple click. HiTask makes team management a priority and allows you to communicate with everyone in a simple and fun way. Group tasks by project, or chat with your team in real team. Sort of like Google Wave, but without the invites.
  7. SportSkool – One of the aspects of team management is making sure your teammates are good at what they’re doing. Luckily, Sportskool is there to help provide lessons for improving your game on everything from bunting to BMX walltaps. Videos and tutorials makes these tools easy and fun to learn.
  8. Skype – You are probably familiar with Skype by now, but I put it on this list because it can be a great way to get in touch and chat with several team members via video or audio chat. It’s the equivalent of a conference call, but without the trouble of having to have a land line.
  9. Meebo – This is an easy to set up and easier to use instant messaging tool, which you can install anywhere you can put code. If you aren’t too savvy with html, it is still easy to use. Works like a widget that your teammates can leave you messages on. You can even sign up with your existing social networks like MySpace or Facebook.
  10. Vitalist – For those of you who run your team with an iron fist, or you are possibly just a workaholic, Vitalist will help fuel your need to “get things done.” Check out the demo video for more explanation.

Team Building / Activities for Inspiration & Fun

  1. 101 Picnic Ideas – Teamwork really is work sometimes, so be sure to have fun where you can. Here’s a list of some picnic ideas and dishes you can use to assign or let your teammates choose from to have an inexpensive and fun bonding experience after a big win.
  2. Bubbl.us – Having trouble keeping it together out on the field? Is communication breakdown causing your team to lose more often than you’d like? Maybe it is time to brainstorm some ideas together. Bubbl.us makes it easy for teams to put their heads together when they’re off the field.
  3. LifeRemix – Sports are a great way to develop life skills and communication tools. If you need to learn how to become more productive and efficient so you don’t let the team down, though, look no further than LifeRemix. You’ll find plenty of articles and tools to make things easier and breezier in no time.
  4. ManagerZone – Practice makes perfect. So when you’re not out coaching IRL, take your chances in a virtual world. ManagerZone is the World of Warcraft for the jock set. Have fun and learn from your online opponents and you’ll have an unstoppable team out in the heat.
  5. Instructables– Teamwork also means working together. Get your team motivated and using the right side of their brains by getting them to create things that they can feel proud of. Instructables offers lots of DIY projects that anyone with a brain and two hands can put together.
  6. Improv Encyclopedia – Zip Zap Zop! Improv is a valuable tool for getting everyone on the same page. This encyclopedia has directions for just about every improv game under the sun. Try out new things and make your team think spontaneously and completely out of the box. They’ll be using their “group mind” to take the other team down before you can say “prefigliano!”
  7. Brain Games – Playing your best game means having as sharp a mind as a well-trained body. That’s why it is important to keep your brain sharp when you aren’t thinking about your sport. Here’s a list of games for thinkers that will enable you to test your mental prowess and keep your team at their sharpest.
  8. Team Motivation – These tips from productivity blog Dumb Little Man are more applicable for an office team, but that doesn’t mean they don’t apply to your team on the field, though. Keep your team motivated by remembering simple tactics like “the carrot is better than the stick.” If you don’t know what that means, maybe you are more ready for this list than you thought.
  9. Group Exercise – Part of team management is the ability to actually build your team’s skills and help out their strengths. These group games and exercises will help to not only hone your team’s spirit, but if your team isn’t familiar with one another yet, there are games here so they can get to know each other, too.
  10. UpToUs – If you have the drive and the passion, but you aren’t quite interested in pulling together a group of coworkers for a rec league, then maybe you are meant to do something more. UpToUs is a resource for parents, teachers and coaches to have the opportunity to help kids in need be the people they are capable of being. Connect with people with common interests and work together to do some good for the kids.

Money & Time Saving Tools

  1. Kids Eat For – Got a lot of kids that you need to feed, but cash is tight? Check out Kids Eat For, which is a great way to find places where kids can eat for free or at least a little more cheaply. Finds deals near you with the site, or an app for your smartphone.
  2. Bla Bla List – This is a simple list creator that will allow you to create and share concise lists. Need help just remembering notes or challenges you’ve offered your team? This tool will help you remember those things when you are less busy.
  3. Tada List – Another list creation tool, Tada List allows you to make simple check off lists so you can easily click and be done with your tasks.
  4. 30 Ways to be Frugal – Having a problem budgeting your funds so that you’re not able to afford all the things your team needs? Find ways to save with this list of functional and frugal tips that will assure you have the dough you need when it is time to spoil the team with a pizza party.
  5. FreebieSave – Another great way to save money is with coupons and freebies. This site offers ways you can shave off dollars from normally pricey endeavors.
  6. Fat Wallet – For more coupons and deals than you can shake a stick at, be sure to give Fat Wallet a look see. similar to Freebie Save, this site has plenty of ways to earn cash back and big savings on anything from food to books to yes, even sports equipment.
  7. More With Less Today – This blog adds a personal touch to the savings game, and new deals are released all the time. A must for any savvy saver.
  8. BetterBudgeting – A team is a lot like a family, and this site will make you even closer. the team that saves together wins together. What’s more is that there are not only deals and specials out the wazoo, but suggestions and tips on ways to save when you are with a group.
  9. HealthStatus – Part of teamwork is making sure all the people you work with are healthy and safe. This site will help you assure that you and yours are up to your best when it comes to being healthy. Tips, assessments and tools will help you determine ways to stay at your peak.
  10. StudentStuff – Chances are that your team is either made up of students or individuals who were once students. Student Stuff is a site that makes all those things you learn(ed) in school all the more worthwhile. Tips and tricks, perfect for anyone who loves to get their learn on.

Calendar Tools

  1. 30 Boxes – Organize, keep up and plan with ease. 30 Boxes is the online calendar tool to get you going.
  2. Scrybe – Offline or online, this calendar tool will help you even when you are not connected to the internet. That can be helpful when you are on the go or somewhere where you need to remember something and you don’t want to bother with the web.
  3. Teamspace – Your team can work together on the net and share their thoughts, schedules, and ideas with one another in nearly real time.
  4. Calgoo – If you want to make an impact on others who are already using online calendars, consider Calgoo. Essentially, it is more of a tool for marketers than team managers, but it can come in handy if you need to touch a wide variety of individuals at once.
  5. 12 Sided Calendar – Want to take your calendar offline? Don’t take up space with a huge wall or desk calendar. Instead, print, cut and fold this nifty and handy little calendar that you can kick around on your desk when calling your team members.
  6. Calendars Quick – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just simply wanted a calendar to print out and write on. Lucky for me and you, here are loads of printable calendars that will enable you to do just that.
  7. SocialCalendar – This tool from Hallmark will allow you to keep your social engagements in a row, and chances are likely that your team members have plenty of those. The interface is easy, especially in the Facebook application.
  8. Cozi – Just as the name implies, this warm little device will help keep you organized when it comes to calendar, shopping lists, reminders, and even a family journal.
  9. Nexo – If you’re familiar with Shutterfly, then you’ll have no problem jumping in to this platform which will allow you to share, collaborate and connect with others. A perfect way to keep your team together and on the same digital page.
  10. Zyb – Zyb is a great way to integrate your social networking life and your personal life into one. Your smartphone will integrate beautifully with this tool, as it is essentially a phonebook and social network in one.


  1. Colabolo – Delegate, update, and sync with team members no matter where you are. Lots of uses, applications, and features that you can use at home or on the go with a smartphone application.
  2. Concept Share – Though this is possibly a better tool for designers, a team manager can also use it to share new plays and formations, no matter what your sport.
  3. Gliffy – This is another collaboration tool that will allow you and your team to help visualize plays and ideas.
  4. Hiveminder – A collaborative to-do list maker? Yep, look no further than this. Hiveminder will allow your team members to share all they know and keep each other in line.
  5. Stixy – A great way to help share ideas and creations with your fellow teammates in a virtual desktop that lets you put notes and pictures online just like sticky notes.
  6. Twiddia – Frankly, Twiddia is a really cool way to collaborate with friends and fellow teammates in real time. Draw, write, or share media on a virtual online whiteboard.
  7. Basecamp -This application is far from free, but it definitely has all the bells and whistles one might need to get all the management tools you could possibly need. Share and collaborate to make schedules and share notes for your teammates or the kids you coach. Another tool designed for the office that can easily be transformed to meet the needs of a sports team.
  8. Backpack– Basically Basecamp lite, Backpack helps out when it comes to managing small groups and teams with sharable calendars, whiteboards, calendars,and more.
  9. ChipIn – Raising money for a team trip? Don’t sell lousy candy. Instead, set a goal on ChipIn and share the widget on all your online properties. Watch the cash roll in, and reap the rewards. It is free to use up to a certain amount, but hopefully your team won’t need more than 10 G’s.
  10. Google Wave – Though it is still in Beta, and invite only, this newest tool from the geniuses over at Google can make your life a lot easier. If you can get your hands on an invite, take advantage of it and start learning. By the time it is widely released, you’ll be a pro, and so will your team.

Take a visit to GoTickets.com to thank them for compiling this list by purchasing a few tickets from their website.


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