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DataVolley Mastery

I fought the good fight. I’ve tried to find a DataVolley substitute. Not because DataVolley isn’t good, because DataVolley is complicated to learn. I was always a big fan of StatEasy, but that didn’t pan out. Kyle Mashima has a great alternative with his SoloStats line of software. Big props to him for a simple and affordable product that club and high school coaches can easily implement in their programs. But its DataVolley that is driving the collegiate and professional volleyball world. VolleyMetrics is playing a big part of that push too.

In a world of continued push for bigger and better data, DataVolley is the product of choice. But DataVolley is only as good as the person that inputs the data. Thank you to our savior, Joe Trinsey and his partner in statistical crime, Jeff Liu, both working with the USA National Team, for their guidebook, The Unofficial Guide to DataVolley4 Mastery. I can’t say I’ve started to read the book yet, but considering I’ve known Joe since he was a wee pup, coaching a 13s team at Brandywine Volleyball Club, to making the giant leap for volleyball kind as Karch’s selection of DataVolley master, I’m sure it’s the best way to learn DataVolley.

If you want to learn DataVolley, get this book. If you want to learn graphic design, stay away from Joe and Jeff.


  1. So how come StatEasy didn’t work out? You actually (way back in the day) got me to StatEasy but I have since been using DataVolley.

  2. I believe the company grew too big too fast. That is my assumption. The owner is a good guy and moved to a baseball analytics company. I wish it were still around! Congrats on learning DataVolley. That is a language unto itself.

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