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IPE and iVolleyStats

Who’d a thunk it? Who’d a thunk that a brainstorming session with Mike Hebert at Minnesota would turn into a new statistic for volleyball? Really, it’s an old statistic with a positive spin, but it makes sense to players. It’s hard to teach the negative and easy to teach the positive. Thus came ‘In Play Efficiency’ or I.P.E. You can learn more about it on an old blog post: What is IPE?

Jay Van Vark and Marc Swindle, Assistant Coach at Air Force, have created a volleyball statistical software called iVolleyStats.  iVolleyStats is an iPhone application for coaches and fans to gather and report stats for your volleyball squad.  Within the application, iVolleyStats is now using IPE!  Voila!

I must admit, that’s pretty cool stuff 😉  If you want to learn more about iVolleyStats, you can find it on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ivolleystats-match/id355306829?mt=8 or you can watch a bit about it from the video.

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