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Perfect 10 Stat Spreadsheets

Humbly, I’ve been overwhelmed with positive responses to Perfect 10 Stats. A few coaches have already implemented the idea into a practice setting and I’d love to learn how the session went using Perfect 10 Stats. It will be interesting to learn through a large sample size the median number for each skill to succeed. We are already familiar with the 3 Point Passing scale and the typical goal of at least a 2.0 for passers (depending on the level). I would like to know the goal for Digging (Don’t forget, the passing scale can be used for digging!), Setting, and Hitting. Then most importantly the cumulative Team goal (maybe a 6.2 per rotation to win a match?).

I have come up with a couple simple spreadsheets for taking these stats. Click on each image below to automatically download the sheet (check your Downloads Folder). Perfect 10 – By Player  Perfect 10 – By Rotation

Perfect 10 - by PlayerPerfect 10 - by Rotation

rThe first is by player, by skill. The second spreadsheet is by rotation. Ideally, it would be great to see these stats culminated and I’m sure a simple stat program could easily tally these formulas. This way, during a match, we could learn the players passing, setting, and hitting numbers (on the 3 point scale), the Team’s results, and rotation information.

There have been quite a few coaches that have asked about using a 4, 5, or 6 point passing scale. Perfect 10 Stats is a system that can be manipulated for each coaches’ needs. When the 3 point passing scale first came out, I do not believe there was much discussion about changing the scale for passing. It became the norm and then over time, after much analyzing, the scale has been questioned and altered. Thus far, I have not had one coach ask to adjust the 3 point Setting or 3 point Hitting scale. I believe it is because it is a new scale and over time, it will likely be analyzed, questioned and altered.

Perfect 10 Stats at least sets a precedence for all skills combined, connect the skills, and creates a total Team score per possession (each time the ball is on a team’s side of the net).

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