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Rotate 123 – Volleyball Rotation Software

Rotate 123 is a great volleyball rotation coaching tool that allows you to input numerous line-ups in a variety of offenses (5 – 1, 6 – 2).  Instead of writing down all 6 rotations by hand, crossing-out, and manipulating serve receive patterns, just enter your roster into the system and drag-and-drop into their positions.  Voila!   You can manipulate your line-up a million times from there with all the players in your roster.  It even includes libero entry (for any position) and defensive specialist entry.

The software was created and designed by two volleyball enthusiasts that coach club and high school volleyball.   So it has real/game-like functionality.  It’s been featured and promoted by the AVCA (a nice plug) and its FREE!  Yes, so far it’s free!  Jump on it now and check it out.

Click here to check out Rotate 123


  1. It is great software. You should join the AVCA as they promote new products like this all the time, plus offer great tips from coaches around the country.

    I also heard Jola will be your new JV coach. Congrats to you…she'll be great for the program. Good luck this season!

  2. I can't wait to try this. I heard it on an IMPACT Instructor's Webinar last night. This sounds like a great time saver plus the options could be so beneficial! I'm just waiting for my email approval. I also like the option of having the one year offer with an AVCA membership.

  3. I've really enjoyed using it and enjoy the ability to re-draw the directional arrows on the rotation charts. The free benefit with the AVCA tops it off! 🙂

  4. Unfortunately this software is no longer free. Or, better said, it is…but only for 7 days. Now it has a yearly renewal fee. And that I find ridiculous. I would love to use this software, but I’m not shelling out hundreds of dollars over the next 15 – 20 years of coaching. I guess I’ll keep looking for something similar that I can buy once and have for good.

  5. Is this app no longer available? I can not find “Rotate 123”
    I dont want the SoloStats123. I want the Rotations one to play around with my rotations.

  6. Rotate123 is still available. I use it without using SoloStats123. Let me know if you still have issues finding it.

  7. Hi Chuck, I don’t see Rotate123 in the app store for mac or iPhone. Is it only available for iPad? Looks amazing and I’d love to use. Thanks!

  8. Hi Stephanie – I’m not sure if Rotate123 is even available as an App. It may be only a desktop software that you could use on a browser on a mobile device.

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