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StatEasy Volleyball Software

Consumers often choose products to purchase based on an affinity and trust with a vendor or the developer of a product. StatEasy is a great volleyball software program that has been developed by a passionate volleyball enthusiast, Mike Ressler. This software is going to be the next and best volleyball software on the market…oh yeah, and its FREE (take advantage of it now)!

First let’s talk about Mike. He found me through CoachRey.com and wanted to get me set-up with his software right away.   I checked out the video of StatEasy and was certainly intrigued. He was willing to get me set-up during his lunch break while he was on the road.  I told him I can wait a day until he returned…oh and where was he? He happened to be at Penn State setting them up with his software. Yeah, this software is good…real good.

More about Mike first! He has a computer science degree from Carnegie Mellon, he grew up playing in Pennsylvania, and went on to manage and be an assistant coach on the collegiate volleyball level. Mike is a computer programmer that knows and understand volleyball!

So about StatEasy, it uses a simple keystroke data entry as a match progresses. As simple as a player’s number and a short code for the skill. For example, for pass by #6, the simple keystrokes of “p 6” would do it. When a match is complete, a stat sheet is created with information that is very similar (and even more detailed) than an end of set college stat sheet.

What is really cool is that you can tie in that match with video. So if you want to view all of #6’s passes for that match, simply click on the link for #6 in the passing column of the stat sheet. What is even cooler, is if you have multiple matches, you can choose any match #6 played in and view all those video clips.

In addition, StatEasy does not have to be used for matches at all. As a coach at Winthrop University, we use StatEasy for practice. It is very handy and often times more beneficial than match statistics. A great way to get real time data and make corrections in practice. Genius! 😉

This is just an overview. You need to check-out what Mike and StatEasy are doing. He’s even working on voice recognition software for StatEasy, and maybe even considering video recognition, but I think that would be for Version 3.0 already slated to be called “StatEasiet!”, but that sort of an inside joke…sorta. I wouldn’t put it past Mike…

Check out StatEasy. I’ve used the Data Project volleyball software line and enjoyed using it, but it is very expensive software. StatEasy is the next generation volleyball statistical software at a much better price!


As for all products I have used and mentioned on my website, I have never been paid by any vendor to discuss their product.  This information, like all information on my website, is completely my opinion.  My intention with my website is NOT to make money (as I do not even cover the annual hosting fee with banner ads), it is to spread my passion and knowledge of volleyball on to others.


  1. StatEasy sound good.
    There is a download demo?
    This software can works on other platform or is only for windows?

    Look also this software
    This is free software, and can be run on windows, linux (and, in the future, macosx).
    It is’nt a software for data collection and analysis.
    It is only a software for the study of actions of any sports game from a video.
    Very nice the whiteboard widget to draw information over a frame.

  2. I would like to use this program for 2020-21 High School.

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