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“My soul finds rest in God alone.”
~ Psalm 62:1


Coaching Philosophy

To teach life lessons through volleyball;

By passing on my love of the game.

In a positive learning environment that encourages student-athletes to become the best they are capable of becoming in mind, body, and spirit.

On a competitive team that thrives on a selfless chemistry and a passionate mission.

That ultimately graduates as champions with invaluable life lessons.

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  1. Coach Rey, I would like to connect with you. For a couple reasons. First, my brother passed away 5 years ago and I started a scholarship foundation in his memory a year ago. In addition to helping HS seniors, from an inner city school in Newark, NJ, attain post secondary education, I need to do something for the Volleyball team at the school. My brother was their HS Girl’s VB coach. He created an extraordinary team and each year they won awards after awards. It was amazing what he did. But the team has not been the same since and practically non-existent. Very sad. The Athletic Director asked for help from “David’s Gift”, my brother’s foundation, that is made up of many of my brother’s athletic super stars. Anyway, I don’t know any other amazing VB coaches and would love to connect with one who really understands the sport and would be willing to give me ideas on what I could do to help. I hope to hear from you. Christina@performancecontinuum.com. Thanks.

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