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The Wrist Snap / Topspin on USA Volleyball

volleyball-wrist-snap-topspinHopefully, John Kessel won’t read this post because then he’ll realize I missed his blog post of a year ago. Google Analytics is amazing in that I was able to track referrals to my blog from USA Volleyball’s website. It stems from a great interaction between John, Peter Vint (USA Olympic Committee Research Scientist) and myself. Ironically, Peter Vint was getting his PhD at Arizona State University while I was playing there. He performed a body fat % test (among actual volleyball tests) on me back in the day and who’d a thunk it that he would become a lead scientist for the USOC?

Anyway, here is a good exchange about the myth of the volleyball wrist snap and how we really don’t get on top of the ball. It’s actually where we contact the ball (over the center of mass) that creates topspin on a volleyball.


Good stuff…


  1. well of COURSE I am reading your blog Chuck….but catching up is a bit easier in that you can download the last 5 years of blogs into 2 books – free pdfs – one compiled for coaches/club directors and the other for players and parents. http://www.usavolleyball.org/grassroots

    keep up the good work and best to you in your new school and upcoming season.

  2. Oh, I’m so busted!

    I love that you can download your writing into books. I might just have to blog about that 🙂

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